Who am I? Why Stand for Election?

My name is Wayne Dixon. I’m a 38 year old family man, married to Sarah, father of two lads. I have always lived in Middleton or Belle Isle, still do. I love our area and I am passionate about improving it for me, for my family and for my community.
I’ve been a member of Belle Isle WMC since I was 18. I am a volunteer, founder and now Secretary of Middleton Park FC where I also coach several junior football teams since 2004. I have previously sat on the Stop Park and Ride Stourton (SPARS), West Yorkshire Association Football League, Leeds Football Association and the Leeds Red Traingle Football League's committees. I currently sit on the following boards and Trustee boards - all in my spare time.

I work full-time as an Employment Advisor for the NHS supporting patients with mental illness to move into employment or sustain their employment, previously I spent over 7 years working at GIPSIL as an Employment & Engagement Support Worker where I helped homeless people or those at risk of becoming homeless in South Leeds to move into education, training or employment. I have also worked as a Youth Worker in South Leeds (8 years at Health For All - Cupboard Project), working in our community, Cockburn and South Leeds Academy Schools (Cockburn John Charles as it is now). I have also worked in other sectors, including Warehousing, Retail and Sales. My history has given me a good understanding of different issues affecting families, such as debt, crime, childcare costs and more.

In late 2003, early 2004, I started a football club (Middleton Park FC) for the kids on the local estate and I have continued to do this ever since. I have decided to stand as a councillor because I have first-hand experience of how many of the local decisions are made; I feel that the interests of the community are not always at the heart of these decisions.


For example, Middleton Park FC proposed using Middleton Golf Club as a community space and our councillors agreed this would help us be more sustainable too. However, a petition for a cycling trial track was raised by a cycling business from Rothwell; Our Councillors backed this, but wouldn’t explain why both ideas couldn’t be integrated together. This was despite our offer of using the space for all sports - including cycling!  We asked local people to support our ideas and many did through the council’s consultation. This was never publicly released and I feel the local people were simply ignored. I will be campaigning for the now empty South Leeds Golf Club to be designated for young people's activities and community use and oppose its demolision.


The Council's poor consulations are a regular way of forcing unwanted things on our area, for example the Park & Ride which i campaigned against, with the SPARS group. Simply moving pollution is not going to help the many people in our area suffering from respiratory illnesses such as COPD and Asthma, our council have failed to support the most vulnerable in our community, with some of the highest rates of respiritory illness in the City, our councillors should be supporting us.


Since standing in the 2016 local elections i have realised that my voice isn't the only one not being listened to and that many issues go unanswered or are simply ignored. I struggled as independent to get myself noticed and soon realised i needed to join a party to have any chance of success against Labour, so i have joined a Party called the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and from there I went on to double my vote share.


Labour has run Middleton as far as records go back, is it time for something new? In May i will be again standing to be counted. Growing up in Thorpe Square, Middleton in the 80's/90's i have heard people complaining about the same things that people still complain about today, so ask yourself, is a Labour Council really changing things for the better in Middleton & Belle Isle? Do we need three Councillors working hard for us instead of just the one we have now?

  • Dog Fouling - A problem in the 80's/90's and still a problem now!
  • Anti-social behaviour - A problem in the 80's/90's and still a problem now!
  • Poor Council Housing standards - A problem in the 80's/90's and still a problem now!
  • Poor play facilities - A problem in the 80's/90's and still a problem now!
  • Poor public transport system - A problem in the 80's/90's and still a problem now!
  • Speeding Cars - A problem in the 80's/90's and still a problem now!
  • I could probably go on and on!! #time4change #votesdp.

I would like to solve the issues in our community and for our community to realise that the Labour Council has failed us for many years. I was brought up on the Thorpe's in Middleton in the 1980's where residents often complained about Dog fouling on our streets, damp in our houses and anti-social behaviour across our estates, has this changed at all whilst we have had Labour Councillors? NO, so together we can unite and show our councillors this isn't good enough and the only way to do that is at the poling stations.


If we ALL stand forward and vote, we can have Councillors that care more about where we live and stand up for us at Council meetings.


I feel our local Labour Council continually make bad decisions and continue to do so.

  • July 2015 - £4.9m West Yorkshire Playhouse
  • September 2016 - agreed to close 3 care homes!
  • December 2016 - 4% Council Tax rise announced, 800 jobs still to go. Later announced as 5% rise in Council tax.
  • December 2016 - 4 councillors dont pay their council tax and the council uses tax payers money to try and keep their identity secret. Estimated cost of around £5,000.
  • February 2017, £4.5m spent on compensation for 850 damp homes! 
  • February 2017, Council start consultation on charging people to recycle. 
  • March 2017, £3.9m committed to redevelopment of West Yorkshire playhouse. 
  • May 2017, £20 charge introduced for Waste collections.
  • September 2017, Leeds City Council confirmed that a £4.8m loan made to an abandoned City Centre Hotel project was to be written off!
  • July 2019, £2.8m spent on a 10x10 meter park in Leeds City Centre. 
  • More recently the proposal to spend over £1m on moving three bus stops together in Middleton shows their total lack of common sense. 

Thats around £13.6m+ that could have been used better! This money could be used to fund more Police on our streets to target some of the problems we have continuously brought up year after year. I'm not disputing Government cuts, but this can't be an excuse for poor priorities.


It is a concern we spend money entering competitions such as the European Capital of culture without reading the entry requirements first, surely this is a demonstration fo their incompetence?









Promoted by: Wayne Dixon, 39 Shelldrake Drive, Middleton, Leeds, LS10 3NB

i will continue to work with Highways to look at how future developments will impact on a already busy Belle Isle Road and look at developing a dedicated lane for the M621 to reduce conjestion.

I would develop and support youth provision in the area to develop their facilities further, including all local sports clubs and a Youth Centre in Middleton.

I will continue to campaign for improved playgrounds for OUR children and work to develop more safe play areas.

I will continue to campaign about the potential for Middleton to have its own railway station. We are surrounded by railway lines and a station would benefit OUR area and other surrounding areas offering more jobs and a better commute to Leeds City Centre. This will also reduce pollution in the City.

I will work with developers to ensure that all new developments take into consideration the knock on effects on our roads, schools, health services and other public services in our area, but still offer local jobs for local people.

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