Wayne Dixon for Local Councillor 2018
     Wayne      Dixon     for     Local      Councillor     2018

My National Policies

I see myself as left centre in politics, an area of politics that seems very lacking in options at the moment. As you will probably be aware, many of these issues are entwined and although I have tried not to repeat myself, I may have touched on things again in the process of writing this.

I am not going to pretend that i am an expert on Brexit, in fact, i researched the subject and found that not one person on this planet knows what will happen when we pull out of the EU, but i voted LEAVE anyway! I feel we are controlled by Europe too much, i want us to be able to make our own laws without someone telling us we can't do that. I voted for LEAVE because i had a gut feeling and sometimes you have to vote with your heart; even if it is wrong. I voted out knowing i did what i felt to be right. Brexit has divided our nation and it will continue to do so if we let it, but locally i think we can all unite together and make our own Brexit by removing us from a Labour controlled chaos that is Leeds City Council at the moment.  


I believe that the NHS should be for everyone, it should be FREE to use and paid for by our national insurance contributions. The NHS seems as though it isn’t very efficient and part of the reason could be that we are using buildings that don’t suit medical profession as it is today. I think we should undertake an independent review on what is getting cut in the NHS, the management structure and the location of hospitals to see if we can make cuts at the top rather than the bottom.

I think if we built new efficient Hospitals further out of town, we could save money due to the efficiency, but also re-coup money on the sale of Hospital land in the City Centres.

We also need to review the impact of PFI agreements (Private Finance initiative), is this privatisation through the back door?

Foreign nationals using our NHS should be treated, but the costs should be reimbursed from their Governments, just as these costs would be reimbursed if we were treated in their Countries. I understand some people work here and pay in, but Brits who work abroad are expected to have insurance, so it should be the same for foreign nationals here.

I feel we need to invest in more mental health services and in turn help people to recover from mental health illnesses and enable them to move into work.

I’m not an Economist and I am not going to pretend I have all the answers, I clearly don’t. I feel we need to diversify as a Country and with Brexit brings a whole new opportunity to re-vitalise our manufacturing industry, the drop in the £ allows exports to be cheaper and we should be working hard to welcome manufacturing here.

I think we should reduce the deficit over a longer period of time and invest in areas that will help us to reduce the deficit in the future, for examples, new Hospitals to increase efficiency savings.

we should as a Country be moving towards a points based system similar to that operated in Australia; admitting the people with the skills, we need. The points system should be used for all foreign nationals in or out of Europe.

As Brexit nears, we should guarantee those foreign nationals who are in work the right to live here.

Welfare, benefits & pensions
our welfare system needs reform, but not at the cost of our most vulnerable in society, not at the cost of hard working people. Below are my ideas of how we could stop people relying on benefits and ensure the most vulnerable are looked after, although this would need more detail.

Universal Credit/ Job Seekers payments.

6 months = Full amount.
6-9 months = ¾ of full amount + food vouchers.
9-12 months = ½ full amount + food vouchers + energy vouchers.
1-3 years= ¼ full amount+ food vouchers + energy vouchers..
3 years + = No money, just food vouchers + energy vouchers..

Sickness benefits are not included in the above. All benefits would increase in line with inflation.

The winter fuel allowance should be means tested and paid to the most vulnerable in society only.

Poverty, Jobs & pay
tackling poverty is a complicated issue and I honestly believe that raising the minimum wage isn’t the be all and end all, as prices will simply increase to counteract businesses profits, so unless you block any increase in prices a minimum wage is surely pointless? To reduce Poverty and increase living standards you need to look at the price rises in energy, water and other vital services and look at capping the prices.

We need more investment in helping the long-term unemployed instead of issuing Government contracts that allow cherry picking of people which offers little or no support to those who are long-term unemployed. I would incentivise companies who took a chance with those who have been unemployed over 3 years.

I believe in removing SATS and other national exams from our Primary School education. I also believe in investing in our children future by ensuring quality teaching, all teachers should be qualified teachers.

University should be available to everyone no matter what their background, it should be FREE to those from poorer backgrunds and those from rich families should PAY for their University Education, a means testing system maybe the way forward.

Extra prisons should be built to ease the pressure on already overcrowded prisons.

We should focus on rehabilitation, but at the same time tougher sentencing to act as a deterrent from committing crimes. Sentences shouldn’t be reduced for any reason, get 5 years, do 5 years and pay for the crime.

I would introduce life sentences for Paedophiles and other serious sexual offences.

Prisons should work with businesses to take on people leaving Prison, make sure every Prisoner has a home to go to and a job to attend, make the job a condition of their release and offer them a support worker to deal with the life changes, potential drug use or mental health issues.

the right to buy scheme is an excellent idea that has been built to give people the opportunity to own their home, but it has had little thought about its sustainability. All money from the sale of houses should go back into building more council houses and in turn maintaining a level of sustainability.

Investment should be made into the housing stock, better council housing can only increase life expectancy, better health and wellbeing. Local people should have the final say on where the new housing is built.

the environment is important, we must ensure that our countryside is there for future generations to experience, but at the same time be mindful that Cities do need to grow.

We should be embracing new emerging markets such as solar energy and using environmental technologies to improve our economics and our standing in the world.

all our major cities need investment regarding their infrastructure. I believe strongly that we need to simply bite the bullet and extend our roads, a road widening programme is highly congested areas; this of course will solve the problem for 20-30 years, but we then need to look at other aspects of transport and decide why do people drive and not use trains, buses etc. and then act on those reasons.

Security, defence and foreign affairs

In my view, you can’t put a price on security, that is why I would maintain Trident, but I would also investigate the reasons it costs £205bn, surely this is not the true price? If we don’t have this you open the country to more potential threats, I believe it does act as a deterrent. Let’s face it if you have an issue with a neighbour and he has a Rottweiler, you are less likely to approach him in his own back yard than if he had a poodle

I believe that foreign aid should not be in the form of cash to foreign Governments, we shoudl provide the items needed to ensure money is used correctly and more importantly for the people it is aimed at providing for.

Constitutional reforms/changes to the political system in the UK
our country has a two party system, a system where 40% of the people can vote for one party and that party can win power, meaning 60% of the people didn’t vote for winning party, this can’t be right. I would like to see a system that reflects more on people’s views.

Rural affairs
Fox hunting should be banned, it’s inhumane and cruel, should I say anymore?


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