VOTE Wayne Dixon on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Support our Community plan, a vote for me is a vote for our community plan to be implemented.


I work in the Community throughout the year and it doesn't take an election for you to see me around. Our Community deserves better.

I'm always trying to improve things for us all; elect me as your councillor and make the Council understand how much we are disappointed in them and get real representation. Just ask yourself this, what were our councillors doing for our community before they were elected? Nothing.

I believe in working with our Communities to make Middleton & Belle Isle a better place to live for all of our families.

A Community plan is neeed.

I believe in working with local businesses to help them develop and to offer more opportunities to local people.


Support for local business is needed.

I beileve we can work to achieve less crime, a better environment and a safer place to live by working as a Community to make changes.


More investment is needed.

How many people have followed tradition by voting Labour without considering if their candidate adds any value to our area?

It is time for people to judge the candidates on individual merit, consider their achievements and their values and think have they really made a difference, have they made local people's lives better?


Do we want to represent ourselves or do we want someone from out of the area to tell us how to make the area better, i want us, the local residents to be making the decisions.


Visit the next page, "My local policies", to know some of my thoughts on our area.

In 2018 i gained 11% of the vote, only 23.6% of people voted, so we need the 76.4% of people who didn't vote to help make the change, will you help?

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The Social Democratic Party is a party steeped in history, the Party still holds the same values, but with very big policy differences from it's start in the 1980's. Take a look and see what you think.


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